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Quick Tutorial on Collective Liveblogging Using Friendfeed

Why ? Setting up a friendfeed room for collective liveblogging serves many purposes : a. Provides realtime feedback to the livebloggers at the event from other livebloggers at the event on the same page (without having to subscribe to each of their feeds). Makes collective realtime liveblogging feasible. b. Provides external followers a single URL to be able to view all liveblogs. I think they can even stream the feed to gtalk etc. c. Provides both attendees and external followers to comment on the liveblogging stream in realtime against the original post/tweet For Pune Blogcamp 2 I’ve set up the friendfeed room as http://friendfeed.com/pune-blogcamp-2-liveblog But I use twitter for live blogging : No probs - all the stuff you liveblog here can be fed to your twitter account as well. Your twitter followers will continue to receive these streams as well. How ? Here’s how :
  1. Get a friendfeed account if you don’t have one at http://friendfeed.com. If you use a separate liveblogging account for twitter, may I suggest you create a separate friendfeed account too ?
  2. Login to friendfeed and goto http://friendfeed.com/pune-blogcamp-2-liveblog
  3. Now do you see the Subscribe link in a blue bar at the top left just below the pune blogcamp icon ? Click it to subscribe. (If you see Unsubscribe it means you’re already subscribed - don’t click that)
  4. If you’re going to stream to twitter too, do you see the checkbox just below the text area between “Cc:” and “Twitter” ? Select it. It will pop up a new window for OAuth (ie. to set up the authorisation for your friendfeed posts to get automatically tweeted to your twitter account). Enter your twitter login credentials (userid / password) here and click allow.
Thats it you’re setup. Now just post whatever you want in the message box / text area. If you’re streaming to twitter pay attention to the no. of characters (they shouldn’t go beyond 140). The count of characters appears just before the Cc: text after you start typing in a message. Even in case you exceed the 140 char limit, the tweet will have a link to a friendfeed page containing the full text (I think thats how it will work for photographs too). Update: If posting to twitter as well, PuneTech Liveblogging suggests its best to restrict yourself to 122 chars to account for the additional chars used by friendfeed url. And if you want to post photos or other files, right below the message box you see hyperlinks to photos and files. Use them. Now you can post to friendfeed, watch everyone else’s posts show up on the same page and your posts will get automatically tweeted to the twitter account if you set it up and have the check box against twitter on.