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Pune Mirror Feature on Twitter

Pune Mirror ran a fairly comprehensive feature on twitter today on the centrespread by @vedaaggarwal. It included quotes by @sahilk and myself (@d7y and @dnene). I found it flattering since I came out sounding far more cogent and articulate than in real life. Since I couldn’t find a online version of the article, I put up a scanned copy of the same. Unfortunately the scan contains only a small portion of the full centrespread dedicated to the twitter feature. So go pick up the copy while you can to read the remainder. And thanks to Pune Mirror in advance for not objecting to my publishing the scanned writeup (since I didn’t seek their permission in advance thats the least I could do :) ). And if they do come up with an online version of their feature, I shall certainly link to it as well. Click on the thumbnail below to get the readable medium resolution picture. Note that it is about 2Mb so could take some time to download. [caption id=”attachment_330” align=”alignnone” width=”300” caption=”Pune Mirror writeup on twitter”]Pune Mirror writeup on twitter[/caption]