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Don't Feed the Negative Energy Monster

WTF. #Fail. Words we weren’t born knowing. Words we didn’t know as young kids. Words our parents didn’t teach us. Words our teachers would’ve taken us to task for. Words that would not endear our kids to us. And many times we mean them even when we don’t use them. And yet these are words we spout. As an expression of angst. As an expression of inability.  As an expression of despondency. We target current affairs, vendors, politicians, devices, legal agreements, human frailties, … etc. We target everyone but ourselves. In that we actually target no one but ourselves. WTF and #Fail will not change the world. They are unlikely to inspire others. But they spread pessimism. They spread negativism. They encourage role models of negative expression. They are chemicals which gives us a temporary high. Real life has great feedback mechanisms. It allows us to learn by taking some knocks. Positively or negatively, this feedback influences our wallets, our job titles, our status, our esteem in extreme cases even our relationships. The blogosphere feedback is exceptionally weak and sometimes quite flawed. In many a cases expressions that might have earned one severe negative consequences when made face to face, earns us page views and retweets.  And instead of having to deal with the aftershocks, it makes us feel like jocks. Blogging and Microblogging is an information stream.  It is also an energy stream. It amplifies the energies pushed into it and simply throws it back at us. Next time you tweet and/or blog, don’t shy away from criticism, emotions or even necessary debates. These can be healthy. Just ask yourself if you are feeding positive energy into the system. And so long as you are pumping in postive energy, feel free to use WTF and #Fail.  As a tweet that impressed me quite a bit said “don’t feed the negative energy monster”.