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A Blog Post Classification / Hierarchy

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Seems to me there is a hierarchy of blog posts (inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy) in terms of blogging satisfaction. Read on, and let me know if it makes sense. Typically blog posts with the dominant category further along the hierarchy are likely to have elements which satisfy the earlier categories in the hierarchy as well. The classification is perhaps even applicable for tweets (though tweets simultaneously satisfying multiple categories are a little rare to come by.)
  • Narrative : Diary, Journal, Things that happened, Event log etc. These are posts of something that happened or is about to happen. While in most cases the author simply wants to share the sequence of events, in some cases the sequence itself might be meant to trigger some thoughts, analysis in the mind of the reader. In such situations, the post is actually at a very different level than a narrative.
  • Informative : How to, Top Ten Lists, Presentations These are perhaps the lowest on the individual expressiveness and attempt to provide a lot of value to the reader. This is probably also the most dominant category in terms of number of posts.
  • Opinionated : Rants, Demands, Support, Cheer, Rage These are posts where the author wants to be active in either supporting or declining support for some particular incident, cause, organisation, philosophy etc. These are the posts where the author is perhaps the most expressive and emotional simultaneously. These are the posts where the author would like something different from the way things exist at the moment. My slight reservation with these posts is that while they are strong in expressiveness and can collectively be made to act as change agents, given the emotion which clouds both the author’s thought process and the readers ability to interpret the content, these posts unless they are able to elevate themelves into either of the next two categories, rank very low on reader value creation.
  • Analytical : Analysis, Review, Commentaries These are posts which use an event, a movie, a situation and attempt to draw a few inferences from them and share them with the user. These are posts where the author manages to allow his emotions to be restrained and lets his thinking cap be quite visible. These posts take on the nature of the author attempting to present his understanding of the world by taking the dots he sees and attempting to draw the lines between them to create a picture for his reader. While there is a fair amount of individual expression, these are also the posts which focus on good value creation for the reader.
  • Thought Provoking : Sorry .. can’t think of any other word to describe them These posts could really be about anything. They don’t aim at providing answers. Heck, they don’t even provide questions. They focus on content which require the users to come up with their own set of questions, to be answered in their own sweet time. They cause the user to think about these posts long after having moved on to other content. These posts are not directly catalysts to change, they are catalysts to a more enlightened reader. To me these are also the most fulfilling to read.
Is this classification really important ? : Thats entirely upto the blogger. But it seems to be helpful to have a good idea about it up front when you write a post, so that you can have a reasonable focus accordingly. Just like its better to know upfront, how much a blogger wants to focus on expressiveness and readership value creation before starting to compose a post.
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