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Making a Complete Ass of the Indian Media

High time they had this coming. The state of news seems to have been crumbling for some time and journalistic standards were not being adhered to. A group of people called the Pen Pricks got together and pulled off a hoax (link to a hoax press release) (Update: The link at the left is no longer valid. Not sure where the document can be found now.) and thus exposed the media for their complete lack of journalistic standards. Of course the foreign media had a great time having a bit of a laugh at Indian media’s expense. It tells us a lot about the credibility of the stuff we pay to get delivered to us daily. What is telling is not one but many many newspapers ran the story. Its sad and unfortunate, but a nice kick in the rear end was probably well deserved. One only prays that it will sound a bit of a wake up call else journalism and news will fall prey to the every munching monster called deadlines and bottomlines.